Meta-communicate, Chapman University's Department of Communication Studies' undergraduate research journal, was founded in Fall 2010 by a small group of communication honor students in the Department of Communication Studies in conjunction with the Kappa Lambda chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the communication honor society, at Chapman University. It receives faculty support and mentorship from Dr. Wenshan Jia, Professor of Communication Studies.

The mission of Meta-communicate is to provide undergraduate students of communication a forum to contribute their original research to the body of knowledge in the field of Communication studies. Our goal is to give students and professors of our field an opportunity to have an open dialogue that expands our understanding of communication theory and practice in a globally interconnected world of both diverse cultures and a shared destiny. Through the introduction of new and diverse intellectual voices in communication studies, Meta-communicate supports the mission of Chapman University to foster inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens.

The third volume of Meta-communicate continues Chapman University's and the Communication Studies Department's commitment to inspire students to generate and execute original research. The papers included within this volume exemplify our students' hard work and exceptional dedication to academia.

Editorial Board for 2015-2016

Senior Editors: Lindsay Robb, Catherine Yoon
Editors: Sean Suzuki, Chan Hsu, Chandana Srinivas
Faculty Advisor: Dr. & Professor Wenshan Jia

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Senior Editors: Jasmine Hu, Lingyi Zhu (2014-2015 School Year)

Editors: Katherine Lai, Alekxa Rollins, Catherine Yoon

Senior Editors: Allison Adams, Jeff Cooper, Grace Kim (2013-2014 School Year)

Editors: Allison Harf, Jasmine Hu, Noreen Raja

Grace Kim, Meta-communicate Editor-in-Chief (2012-2013 School Year)

Associate Editors: Jeff Cooper, Lainey Skolnik, Amee Frodle, Leandra Moreno, Sabrina (Mengzhi) Wei

Amy Hicks, Meta-communicate Editor-in-Chief (2011-2012 School Year)

Associate Editors: Jeff Cooper, Grace Kim, Jessica Mitchell, Cecelia Stewart