Communication between BRICS Governments and Their Citizens

Amelia Williams


Following the alphabetical order of the BRICS Countries, this paper offers an exemplary review of literature on the relationship between government and its people. It is tentatively found that the Brazilian Government is trying to build the people’s trust in government, while the Russian Government is experiencing a lack of trust with their citizens. It is also tentatively found that both India and China seem to be adapting E-Government to improve the relationship in a limited way with its people. Finally the tentative findings in South Africa are that the African government is having a stronger positive effect on a national government level, but their local government is still greeted with dissatisfaction of its citizens. While all the BRICS countries share similar social, political, and economic transitions, they have made different adaptations based on their varying cultural and historical traditions. Based on the findings, the authors speculate that the more transparent public communication is, the more likely the BRICS countries will have a stronger foothold in globalization.

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