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Allen, Kelli, Lindenwood University (United States)
Alsop, Maureen (United States)
Alvergue, José Felipe, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (United States)
Anderson, E. Kristin (United States)
Annucci, Marilyn Grace, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (United States)
Ash, Amy, Indiana State University (United States)


Bar-Nadav, Hadara
Bauer, Aaron, Aims Community College (United States)
Bavetta, Ruth (United States)
Behm-Steinberg, Hugh, California College of the Arts (United States)
Behn, Robin
Berg, Jessica, Governors State University alumni (United States)
Berkey-Abbott, Kristin, City College Hollywood FL campus (United States)
Biddinger, Mary
Biddle, Joan (United States)
Biespiel, David (United States)
Bitting, Michelle Catherine (United States)
Bonfiglio, William, Bucknell University Iowa State University University of New Brunswick (Canada)
Bradley, Jerry, Lamar University (United States)
Brake, M.K.
Brida, Kristen (United States)
Brooke, Paul, Grand View University (United States)
Brown, Michelle Chan, Kore Press (United States)
Buchen, Callista, Franklin College (United States)


Cadle, Lanette, Missouri State University (United States)

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