TAB: The First Anniversary

TAB launched with a bold print issue in January 2013 and, beginning in February, published an electronic issue on the second Wednesday of every month. We have completed our first full year of publication and are proud of the writing we've brought to readers.

By the end of January 2014, the second print issue of TAB will be available for mailing and for distribution at our AWP Bookfair table (BB32). Monthly electronic issues will resume in February.

The staff is please to have nominated the following poems for a Pushcart Prize: “For Annette: an Elegy” by Allison Joseph, “The Ballroom Within” by Hadara Bar-Nadav, “Rare, Yet True, Energy Transfers Without Contact” by Purvi Shah, “Act I, Scene V” by Ronald Wallace, “Blue Field” by Stephen Campiglio, and “Haiku, Late Summer (A Prayer)” by Karen Craigo.

For those who teach poetry, take a look at our double-issue focus on "Why I Write Poetry" for possible inclusion in your courses. That's Issue #9 and Issue #10.

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